Electoral Commission work

The Wigram Electorate is recruiting people from our communities to work in our Headquarters and/or in a Voting Place. There are a number of roles required and the need increases as we get closer to election day.

  • We will need people to work in Advanced Voting Places between Monday 2nd Oct until Friday 13th October .
  • On Election Day we need staff to work the whole day, which will be at least 12 hours long, in Voting Places throughout Wigram Electorate (see Map attached).
  • We will also be looking to employ people to count votes between 14th October and 27th October (at the latest).    

Employees must

  • Be a New Zealand resident or a work or student visa,
  • Have no criminal convictions, and
  • Politically neutral (ie not be actively involved in working with/for a candidate and/or political party)

To apply to work at the Elections Commission please apply via https://work.elections.nz/  Attached is a sheet which lists the various roles/payrates, as well as assist with completing your on-line application for Wigram Electorate.