Deborah – Strategic Engagement, Ministry for Ethnic Communities

Deborah came to know CRS through her role with the Ministry for Ethnic Communities. Deborah says CRS have had a huge part to play in service provision with migrant background people and refugees, being involved with the ongoing dialogue around resettlement, support for these communities, policy settings and access to public sectors. Deborah says they have also been advocates as well as supporters.

Deborah says CRS have been a source of advice and insight into the communities they serve. She values her relationship with the General Manager and says that the Manager’s knowledge of the sector is vast, and she can provide a perspective that government may not always see.

A highlight for Deborah was CRS being involved with a seminar and workshop that the Ministry held for ethnic women on media. Two women from the agency were involved in a podcast called “Getting Here,” a collaboration with Plains FM. Their stories inspired the 30 women who were there in attendance, to consider their own stories but to also consider work in podcasting and broadcasting.

Deborah would like to thank CRS for their dedication and wisdom. She says, “Watching CRS in action during times of crisis, has always been a great comfort and inspiration.”