The CRS Story

CRS was formed in 1992, supporting resettling refugee-background families with three services: Bilingual Community Work, Social Work and English language classes, with childcare support. CRS has remained true to its roots with these services continuing to form its core work, although other support services for refugee- and migrant-background communities have also been added over time. The name of the agency has changed to reflect its work.
In 2019, these additional services include CALD counselling, Health Promotion, and support to people impacted by the 15 March mosque attacks. Further, CRS staff support the Integrated Safety Response (ISR) family violence initiative and contribute perpetrator support worker.
The organisation currently employs 29 staff from 21 ethnic backgrounds in a range of roles across all funding contracts.
CRS values partnerships at all levels and works hard to ensure that its services are well aligned with client need in the context of  Government priorities.
Funding is provided by a wide range of funding bodies, including national and local Government as well as philanthropic organisations.