The CRS Team

A breakdown of the CRS team, with acronyms* for certain positions explained below.

Shirley Wright

General Manager

Maryanne Cosgrove

Social Work Assistant

Marita Perini


Galawezh Noori


Gail Moore

Senior Social Worker

Lauren Cordy

Childcare Support Team Leader

Farah Khosravi

Social Work Assistant

David Atkinson

Office Manager

Wubet Ahmedin

Bilingual Community Worker

Denise Huisman

Health Promotion Team Leader

Melissa Sheehan

Social Worker

Tula Ram Chhetri

Partnership Community Worker

Goma Mishra

Childcare Support Worker

Mitra Kumar Rai

Bilingual Community Worker

Catherine Comber

Social Work Assistant

Amy Allen


Khuma Kadariya

Bilingual Community Worker

Durafshan Atayee

ESOL Tutor

Falis Jama

Health Promotion Worker

Hanan Mohamed

Health Information Provider
* Acronyms Explained
BCW – Bilingual Community Worker
PCW – Partnership Community Worker
HP – Health Promotion
HIP – Health Information Provider
CALD – Culturally and Linguistically Diverse