Khuma – Community Connector

Khuma has had a variety of roles since joining CRS in 2018. She has worked as a Bilingual Worker and Social Worker Assistant, and is now a Community Connector.

When Khuma’s family moved to New Zealand from Nepal in 2008, they had support from CRS. “They helped us to settle in New Zealand and they helped us get connected with the other services and the other agencies.”

“I feel like it’s a really good organisation who is here to support people who are really struggling to connect with the community, connect with the other agencies as well as when they leave their own family and friends and their own country, the organisation is showing their true love towards their clients and family, they understand their feelings and situation, that is the most important part.”

Khuma says she has learnt many skills as an employee of CRS, but she also just loves the working environment.

“This is the best place to work. I really love the way we share our cultures, we respect everyone’s values, we feel like our own family here.”

She also appreciates being able to help families who were in a similar position to her when she moved to New Zealand. “I can help the people who are feeling the same way when I came here in 2008, I felt the same way, no family, no friends, and I was getting the struggle with the food and lots of things, and I can help those people who are in the same situation as me, that’s my privilege.”

“I want to say to CRS:Keep going, do the good job for the community. Keep doing the best job for our clients to support the community and support them to settle in the new community and we need to bring together with us and support them until they need it.”