Maha – Social Worker

Maha has been an employee with CRS since April 2019 as a Social Worker. She has been involved in the team supporting people affected by the March 15th attacks. Maha is also involved with CRS as a Mental Health Social Worker.

Maha says she the best thing about CRS is seeing clients succeed in their lives in New Zealand. “The best thing I have had in my life, is that you are able to see people’s lives completely change.” She enjoys the diversity of the team at CRS, and how staff members can learn from each other. “When I am working with Afghani clients, I’m going to the Afghani colleague asking him about the culture which has really enriched my knowledge. That’s the same for Somali and Pakistani, so it’s really helpful for us to be able to support our clients more.” Maha also appreciates the support that team members receive from the General Manager.

“She’s giving all of us a chance to grow up in our career, support us, keep pushing us to study and learn more.”

Maha would love to see an organisation like CRS working throughout the entire country. “This kind of service and management, it can help more and has a good understanding of the different cultures of clients and the different cultures of employees, I believe it’s really helpful.”