Marita – Administrator

Marita has been involved with CRS for many years. In the early days of the agency, she worked alongside Judi Bastin teaching English as a second language at a local church. She initially volunteered for Refugee and Migrant Service (RMS) before becoming involved with CRS in 1998. She worked for both organisations for a number of years, before starting full time work with CRS when RMS closed in 2012.

Marita had more hands-on jobs at RMS but was always involved in the admin side of CRS, which she enjoys. She likes the variety of her position at CRS and the fact that every day is different.

Highlights for Marita include the expansion of CRS. “There was about eight or nine of us in the beginning and we’ve just got bigger and bigger.” She also appreciates the flexibility and the support from other staff members.

“It’s a really good place to work, with everybody all working together.”