Paola – Administration

Paola came to New Zealand from Italy in 2008. She studied English at CPIT (now ARA) in 2012, which led to her gaining employment through the polytechnic. With a background in HR, Paola then completed a Diploma in HR Management. After moving back to Italy in 2015, Paola returned to New Zealand, joining the CRS team in August 2021, in administration.

One highlight for Paola was when she got the phone call from the General Manager to say that she had been hired, but she has also enjoyed being involved in the writing of the Annual Report. “We worked in perfect synergy, not knowing each other during the lockdown, but the collaboration was excellent. We were able to make a collage of heaps of information quickly.” Paola has also enjoyed being in charge of looking after the office plants, and compares this with how CRS looks after their clients. “When I see them (the plants) now, I feel good because when I arrived after a year of stressful moments and lockdown, they needed to be looked after a little bit more. I really love them, and I helped them with love and water and time to recover at their best. We can compare this to life. Sometimes we pass through difficult moments, but if someone takes care of us as CRS does with all their clients with love and compassion, they can take back their lives.”

The thing that Paola appreciates the most about CRS is the different cultures. “Everyone comes from different cultures so the get togethers have been so lovely, sharing different customs and traditions. For example, everyone dressed in their popular clothes during the Annual General Meeting, so I found myself in a sea of colours. “

“How clients thank you is just something that comes from their hearts. I’m so glad to have met this organisation.”

On the subject of the anniversary, Paola says, “I think the General Manager has done a fantastic job during these years. Before I was hired, I looked at the stories of everyone. I thought about their strength and that this organisation would have been a really rewarding place to work for a human. Working at CRS, I discovered that we have a large number of refugees here which through the help of this organisation are not forgotten or ignored. What they have done and where they are now is a really outstanding achievement.”

Paola says despite working behind the scenes, she enjoys seeing the work that goes on around her in the agency.