Podcast on “Refugee resettlement in New Zealand”

CRS Board member Sally Carlton hosts a human rights radio show/podcast called ‘Speak Up-Kōrerotia,’ which airs on Plains FM. To mark World Refugee Day, the June 2019 show focussed on “Refugee resettlement in New Zealand” with guests Jo Fasheun and Aklilu Habteghiorghis (New Zealand Red Cross), Sarah Ward (Immigration New Zealand) and recently-resettled former refugee Namrud Asrat.

The show firstly considers New Zealand as a refugee-resettling country, with discussion about the various categories of refugee NZ accepts (including ‘Quota refugees,’ people who arrive via the family support category, and asylum seekers), the supports offered to Quota refugees during their six-week orientation programme at the Māngere Refugee Centre, and the composition of the Quota as determined every three years by government.

The show also details the services and supports needed to enable ‘good’ resettlement for former refugees, which are important to consider in light of the fact that NZ’s intake of refugees is set to increase to 1500 people annually in 2020. Guests bring unique perspectives to this discussion; Sarah was involved in determining the new resettlement locations; and Jo and Aklilu share their insights from their work in Christchurch, which in March 2019 accepted its first intake of resettling refugees since the earthquakes.

Want to learn more about New Zealand and its approach to refugee resettlement? Have a listen or read the transcript.

The audio and transcripts of all Speak Up-Kōrerotia shows are available.

The show host can be contacted at speakupkorerotia@gmail.com.