Rika – Counsellor

Rika started working as a counsellor for migrant background people after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. She then became involved with CRS eight years ago.

Rika moved to New Zealand 20 years ago from Japan, but did not become aware of CRS until she started working for them. She says a highlight for her is simply finding out about the incredible work that the agency does and how long they have been doing it for. Rika also appreciates the cross-cultural competency of the team, and says that she feels comfortable working with them.

When asked about CRS’ anniversary, Rika says, I want to share many of my client’s feedback. Just like me, many of them didn’t know about CRS until they found out by chance or word of mouth and then after they discovered the existence of CRS they always appreciate the service, because CRS became their second home. If they needed help, they can always reach out to CRS. Until then they didn’t have any resources. So they said they don’t have to go to CRS, but just knowing that CRS is there, gives them the strength, gives them resilience to live life in a foreign country.”