Sally – Board Member

Through her former role with the Human Rights Commission, Sally came to be on the Board of CRS in 2016.

Sally has worked closely with refugee and migrant background people since she was 15. She volunteered as an English teacher to young former refugee children when she was in high school, and continued teaching English while she was at university. Interested in combining her passion with her academic skills, Sally has worked for the Human Rights Commission, as well as the Citizens Advice Bureau. The work that she does for these organisations ties in well with the work she does for CRS.

Highlights for Sally include the Ladies’ Health Days and the Under 5’s Days. “It’s basically an opportunity for various agencies to get together and put up some stalls and talk with the migrant and refugee background people about their services and how they might be able to help people. It’s really heart-warming to feel that you might be enabling people to know more about your service and to help them with their journey somehow.”

Sally has always been drawn to people from different backgrounds and cultures.

“I think going to CRS and seeing so many different kinds of people from all over the place and different religions and different backgrounds, different languages and different ways of thinking and viewing the world, enriches me.”

On the subject of the 30th Anniversary, Sally says, “Thinking about the changes that have taken place in the refugee and migrant space in the last 30 years, the organisation has seen a lot of change and continues to provide important services despite all those changes. And we’ve seen some pretty horrendous things in the last few years too, that the organisation has also worked its way through and supported people through.”