Zeinap – Partnership Community Worker (PCW)

Zeinap is a BCW at CRS, originally from Somalia. Her role provides support to clients through various navigation services. She helps clients enrol with GPs, supports clients with Work and Income (WINZ)  helps find community services for clients.

Zeinap’s first role with CRS was a Bilingual Worker, which she started in 2011. After a year, she started working part time as a PCW, which she continued to do alongside her bilingual work. During this time, Zeinap also worked part time as a Teacher Aid at Hagley College. Since 2020, she has worked full time as a PCW.

Zeinap appreciates that every team member at CRS works together to support each other. Every team member, regardless of their role, comes together to help each other when needed.

In regards to CRS’ 30th Anniversary, Zeinap says she sees the hard work that the staff put in for refugee and migrant background people. She says that clients know they can access CRS easily and receive support.

“I see the good progress CRS is making and clients are very happy, saying thanks to CRS for the job they are doing.”